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to a modern-day hero

There is a YouTube director that I have just stumbled upon, sadly 1 year after his departure. After a brief look at his profile which seemed to be rather silly and fun (if nothing else) brought me to the rest of his videos, the reason behind all of his videos became apparent: a message of hope.

The following is my very brief description (including the videos):

Some guy who took on the username and persona "MadV" who ripped the idea from the story V For Vendetta led a cult-like following on YouTube (who doesn't?).

His videos were always very short, usually no more than 30 seconds or so, and each one was a simple view of one thing or another, several of them focusing on very simple yet seemingly impossible magic tricks.

He always wears a Guy Fawkes mask and a gray hoodie to keep his identity hidden, and he never speaks, just moves.

On May 9th, 2006 he posted a video saying goodbye to the YouTube community and to all of his fans with a compilation video of his previous videos throughout his time as part of the YouTube Community.

Then on November 16, 2006 he released one last video:

Noted as the "Number One Most Replied To Video of All Time on YouTube (3000+ video responses)", 1 month later, on December 22, 2006, he compiled several of the responses into his last submitted video:

He has not been seen since on YouTube and has made no clear attempt to do so again. His final message is not only easily understood, but easily doable.

Feel free to redistribute this through your own bulletins, your blogs, anything you see fit.

Regardless of the fact that we are all going to die, that the planet will eventually be destroyed for one reason or another, we are still one race, one collective people, and we do have the ability and the chance AND the time to make things better.

The collective people can topple any barrier, any boundary, and any obstacles; it's just a matter of coming together and realizing the very few differences we have and making something great out of it.

It's up to each and every one of us whether we want to make a difference.

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